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Keramicalia makes fine pourable ceramics called refracramics, which are used to make a wide range of products that could only be made previously by pressing. We have over 600 moulds along with Gee Kay Industrials and Scottley Ceramics, which also precast with refractoramics.



We make a range of crucibles from tiny to around 50kg at present, however few are stocked. Chemical qualities are Zircon for flux resistance, silicon carbide for good heat transfer and alumina for high temperature.  We can make crucibles to your specs if required from a sample supplied.

2019 Crucible Pricelist 

Sintering trays

Can be made to your size quite easily.

2019 Sintering Tray Pricelist 

Thermal Cups

Protect flexible cables, hydraulic hoses and water cooling pipes around furnaces. They withstand intense radiant heat and molten metal splashing. The ceramic sleeves are threaded over the pipes or cables, and allow them to bend while still covering them. Steel springs cast into the ceramic thermal cups give them good resistance to abrasion and impact.

Moulds can be made for any I.D.

For I.D. 20 to 35mm, O.D. = 60mm
For I.D. 35 to 50mm, O.D. = 83mm


Hand held lances

We manufacture hand held ceramic lances from Keracomp, which is a composite of stainless steel fibres and ceramic. They are fairly tough and can stand a reasonable amount of abuse.   The standard lance is 45mm diameter x 1,7m long. It weighs only 7kg and has been pre-fired to 400C.  It comes with pipe attachments and three interchangeable tips. One tip is a porous block for gas stirring. Another tip is a reducer to restrict blowback, and the third tip is a wide hole for powder injection.

The set sells at ZAR10 626.00 plus VAT.

The kit consists of the lance and three interchangeable tips and lots of connections, namely 1m x ½inch pipe, another half metre pipe, elbow, nipple, socket and a swage nipple, jubilee clamp and thread tape.  You don't need all this stuff, but it saves you running around for connectors.

To fit the tip, put some water free mastic (also in the kit) on the end of the lance and screw on the

desired tip.  Fill the remaining gap with mastic to prevent metal penetration.

To change a tip, just unscrew it, the mastic is designed to crumble to powder.