We have several graphite products:

Graphite Paints

Graphite electrically conductive paint: mainly used to prepare for electroplating.

Graphite Die Coating: Very good stuff !

Graphite paint: For sliding Gates. For lubrication 4908 Data Sheet.

Oil based graphite paint: for release of molten metals poured into steel chills.

Decorative graphite paint. Included here because it is the purest graphite paint, coarse flake supplied as powder

Graphite block: big chunks of Graphite from which to machine components.

Graphite castable: Used for stopper rod heads, crucibles etc.

Graphite ramming: We supply this, but the lead time is sometimes long

We stock natural flake graphite.

Graphite Felt: Half inch and quarter inch. Terribly expensive ultra-high temperature insulation. For reducing conditions only.

Graphite Glue: Used as part of our crucible repair technique. Heat Setting

Graphite Grease: For lubrication in die casting and tunnel kiln wheels.

Graphite Paper: For high temperature gaskets

We can also supply recarburiser, we have a supplier of precision machined graphite parts.

Crucible Patch: A graphite based crucible repair material, col setting.

Hot Contact : A graphite based paste, Heat setting for providing thermal contact eg. Between heating pipes and retorts. We also make a cold setting version.

Graphite rubbing blocks: Stops metal wear eg. On rotary kiln tyres.

Graphite insulation boards. Redundant stock of horrifically expensive product going very cheap.

Graphite paste: A parting layer used in ingot casting.

Graphite Pencils: The only graphite product I can think of that we don’t sell.

Graphite Glue 

Graphite Paper 

Graphite Paint 

Electrically Conductive Paint 

Graphite Die Coating  



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