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Induction Coil Coating

Description A high density plastic alumina refractory. It has high strength and abrasion resistance and good electrical insulation once dried.

InstallationSupplied as powder, to which +12 to +13% water must be added for a putty consistency, or more water for a soft coil embedding consistency.

ApplicationsAreas where combinations of high strength, abrasion resistance, high thermal conductivity and zero electrical conductivity are required. Main uses are; Filling the spaces between induction coils, Embedding elements around muffles.

Chemical Analysis

Al2 O3 97.0%
Fe2 O3 0.01%
SiO2 0.01%
CaO 3.0%
Na2 O 0.25%

Colour: White

Maximum particle size: 1mm

Packaging: 25kg plastic bags

Shelf life: 18 months

Development number: 24698

See Keratab Ultrafine; Similar material, self-flowing and self-levelling.